Purchasing the correct monitor stand

At a glance, purchasing a desktop computer monitor stand may seem like a pretty straightforward choice for any person. In fact, you can tell it as just a simple inexpensive tool that supports your computer monitor. However, the truth is that you cannot highlight the importance of a monitor stand simply based on its price. That is specifically because of this peripheral form an essential part of your workstation or entertainment system and it probably houses a very expensive piece of equipment in the entire computer system; the monitor.

Well, with that said, how should you choose the best monitor riser for your computer? Let's find it out. 

The overall build quality and material used 

One of the most important things you should look for when selecting a monitor stand is the build quality. The stand should have no flex at all and it must be strong enough to support the weight of the monitor. In addition to the flex, there should be no creaking sounds when you fit the monitor onto the stand. If it so, that could be a sign that the stand is made of poor-quality material and it would give way sooner or later.

In addition to that, it is important to note the material used to make the stand. Although many monitor arms are made of plastic or other non-magnetic materials, some manufacturers can utilize electromagnets for electrical components (for instance, USB charging port). Anyone would assume that this is more "bang for your buck", the truth is that the circuitry's magnetic field can interfere with the electrical components of the monitor. So, it causes more harm than good. That is why you should prefer a pretty simple monitor stand made out of wood or aluminum. However, if you still prefer a monitor stand with power outlets, make sure that those components generate low magnetism.


This feature is particularly important if you are going to use an LCD monitor. That is because LCD monitors have relatively narrow viewing angles. Therefore, be sure that you get an adjustable height monitor stand, with which you can change the monitor's altitude. In addition to that, it is also preferred to get one with an adjustable horizontal swivel as well even if it is not that compulsory. 

Mounting options

The next feature on the list is the mounting options of the stand. If you can go for a design that has a hole in the back of the stand, that would be handy in case of a wall mounting option. However, the most common option is the mounts at the bottom of the stand. As a result, you can keep the monitor in place during use. However, if you plan to use the monitor as a part of a home entertainment system choosing a stand with wall mounting option would be handy. 

Besides, color is another feature to check even though it is not that important as the above. If you purchase a matching color to the existing interior, that would be appealing.