Six Tips for Working from Home

The home office can sound like a comfortable workplace and for a few days it can be a perfect break from the office landscape. But now that employers around the world are asking people to work from home, it is not as easy for everyone to maintain the same efficiency, comfort and peace of mind as in the office. That is why we have gathered our best tips for succeeding with work at home.

Continue with your usual morning routines

Although it's tempting to stay in bed, wearing pajamas, with the computer in your lap, it's not recommended. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as dressing up for work. Do you usually walk or ride a bike to work? Continue with these habits, but instead take a trip around your neighbourhood.

Create a well-thought-out workspace

Your workspace should preferably not be in your living room or bedroom, but if you have no other alternative, you can instead try to separate the rest of the room from your workplace as much as possible. The most important thing is that you feel that you get a place that is only dedicated to your work.

Try to adapt your work surface so that you have good lighting. Also make sure you find a seat where you can have both legs and arms at a 90 degree angle.

Do you usually vary between sitting and standing position when working in the office? Try to do it at home too! If you do not have an adjustable desk, you can use a sideboard, high chest of drawers or your ironing board + a few stacks of books. Experiment!

Give yourself the right conditions

Create the right conditions for efficiency during the working day by collecting all the material you may require. Do you have the opportunity to take extra equipment from the workplace? Whether it's an extra computer screen, office chair, external microphones or a computer mouse - take advantage of the opportunity. If you work with larger tasks on a screen, or spend several hours in video conferencing, it can be very tiring in the long run with poor sound, image or sitting position.

Minimize distractions

When you work from home, it's weird how it's suddenly tempting to start a washing machine, check the news or open the fridge door for the tenth time. Minimize distractions by setting a clear structure for yourself and your work day. Think about what tasks you need to perform and what is realistic to catch up with. Also plan your breaks and make sure that the things you do during that time give you energy, such as going for a walk, taking a coffee break in another room or calling a friend. If you do not differentiate between relaxation and work, it can be more difficult to maintain efficiency.

Have a virtual coffee break

Working from home for extended periods can be lonely. Especially if you are used to working in teams, motivated by having colleagues close to you or simply just have a great need for socializing. But do not stop hanging out with colleagues just because you are all at home. Invite to a daily video coffee with one or more colleagues where your only intention is to talk about series, weekend plans or good recipes you have just made.

End the day

When you, as usual, leave the office at the end of the day and go home, it is easy to distinguish between work and private time. But now that you work from home, it is easy for the boundaries of work and free time to be blurred. Therefore, make sure to give yourself a clear end to the day. Write goodbye to your colleagues, shut down the computer and tidy up your workplace. Then make sure to immediately do something completely different than what the working day has consisted of. Go for a walk, throw in a wash, play with the kids or throw yourself on the couch. The important thing is that you feel that you have left work and can recharge with new energy for the next day!